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Finding an appropriate private drug and alcohol rehab clinic in the UK is not as simple as picking up the Yellow Pages or doing a Google search for a rehab clinic. It can be an incredibly difficult and emotional experience for both the client and all concerned. Treatment can very easily become a negative experience which may stop the client succeeding -it's vital to choose the right clinic. The patient might never get another chance at rehabilitation.

About drug and alcohol rehab

Going into drug or alcohol rehab is an important step, and so it’s important to find the right treatment programme. At Drug and Alcohol Rehab we can help you find the service that matches your needs.


What does alcohol detox involve?

If you have become physically dependent on alcohol, then you may need an alcohol detox to become free from alcohol. A detox can involve medication to help you detox safely from alcohol and to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

What happens in alcohol rehab clinics?

There are many different services offered in alcohol rehab clinics. As well as detox, you may find you benefit from different therapies or groups. Rehab can help you feel motivated to make life changes, to set goals for your future and to get help with the emotional side of becoming free from alcohol.

What is a drug detox?

Depending on which drugs you have been using, you may need a drug detox. For example, people who are dependent on heroin are sometimes prescribed a detox using medication. This is a process that allows you to become safely drug-free.

What can I expect from drug rehab clinics?

Drug rehab clinics usually offer a mixture of detox and other treatments. The important thing about a drug rehab programme is that it addresses your needs and helps you move on from your previous drug use. Drug rehab groups often look at issues such as why people use drugs, how to prevent relapse and how to become more confident in dealing with cravings.

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What We Can Do

We can guide you through the very difficult process of finding a suitable rehab clinic. This may include:


What We Can't Do

If you are looking for a rehab programme but do not have any funds available, please see our self help section




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