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Alcohol Rehab

Excessively drinking alcohol can cause serious harm to an individual’s wellbeing and mental state. Alcohol addiction Is a condition that affects millions in the United Kingdom and causes devastation to many families who are concerned about their loved ones.

For someone suffering with an alcohol addiction, the thought of beating an addiction issue with alcohol can seem like an overwhelming and unattainable objective. However, with help from medical trained staff and by taking part in leading treatments and therapies, you are giving yourself the best possible chance to beat alcohol addiction.

What is the purpose of alcohol rehab?

Alcohol rehab is a place for individuals with alcohol addiction to immerse themselves in their recovery and receive the best possible help from medical professionals for their recovery.

As well as reducing the impact of withdrawal symptoms from reducing alcohol use, rehab provides the opportunity for recovery addicts to understand more about their behaviour and learn techniques to prevent future relapse after rehabilitation.

How do I know if I need alcohol rehab?

As it is a shop bought product that you can buy over the counter, alcohol misuse is common in the United Kingdom and often goes undetected.

‘Alcohol dependent’ is often a term used to describe an individual with mild to severe symptoms when they are not consuming alcohol, whereas ‘alcohol addiction’ often refers to someone with intense psychological and physical symptoms that take over their daily lives.

Suffering from regular withdrawal symptoms

One of the main indicators that someone needs to visit alcohol rehab is if they are suffering from withdrawal symptoms when not using alcohol.

When someone excessively uses alcohol, the body becomes reliant on it in order to function properly and complete normal daily activities. When it doesn’t have alcohol to function, it can cause serious physical and psychological symptoms that can be difficult to experience and often leads to further alcohol use.

Alcohol addiction often causes an individual to experience physical withdrawal symptoms, including:

  • Vomiting
  • Sweating
  • Restlessness
  • Reduction in appetite
  • Headaches

Withdrawal from alcohol also causes individuals to suffer psychological withdrawal symptoms including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia

Suffering from withdrawal symptoms often leaves people to turn to alcohol to prevent them from occuring. This causes a vicious cycle that encourages people to continue to increase their alcohol intake and cause further damage to their health. This is why intervention and alcohol rehabilitation is key as soon as withdrawal symptoms start.

Negative social life

Having an alcohol addiction often leads to a decline in social interaction and breakdowns in relationships, whether that is with a partner, family or friends. Alcohol can have a significant impact on someone’s social life in various forms:

  • Regularly arguing with your partner about your drinking
  • Refusing to attend social activities unless drinking is occurring
  • Refusing to listen to your partner or family’s concerns about your alcohol intake
  • Lack of memory the day after drinking alcohol

If an individual’s alcohol addiction is becoming a problem for not just their health but also affecting loved ones then rehabilitation is the best place to resolve these issues. Rehabilitation allows those with an alcohol addiction to reflect on their habits and how they can manage their behaviour towards family members and partners.

Want free advice and support about rehabilitation?

Speak to one of our advisors for quick, easy admission into rehabilitation.

Our 24/7 helpline provides free advice and support about rehabilitation and taking the next step on your road to recovery. If you have any questions about rehabilitation or finding a nearby rehab in your area, speak to one of our advisors today and they can help.

Why is alcohol rehab important for recovery?

It is important to visit alcohol rehab for effective recovery from alcohol addiction as it provides individuals with the opportunity to receive professional medical help in a new and safe environment.

Recovering from home can be a difficult task for many of those with an alcohol addiction. Without supervision from a medical team, detoxification can be difficult to overcome and lead to an early relapse. Staying within their usual environment can also lead to temptation to revert to old behaviours.

What is involved in alcohol rehab?

Alcohol rehabilitation involves three stages that help you as you move along your recovery journey. To recover from your alcohol addiction and prevent future relapse, it’s important that you immerse yourself during each stage.


The first stage of rehabilitation for alcohol addiction involves detoxification, which requires you to withdraw from alcohol substances for a period of up to 9 days. During this time, you will receive supervision from a team of medical professionals who will be able to ease the extent of your symptoms.

Addiction Treatments and Therapies

After you have effectively detoxed, you will take part in a series of evidence-based treatments and therapies that will help you gain a better understanding of your behaviours and techniques for preventing them.

These treatments and therapies primarily use CBT (Cognitive-Based-Therapy) which is proven to help prevent recovering addicts from relapsing in the future. These therapy sessions can be performed in various ways that best suit you, including:

  • One to one therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Art therapy

Aftercare and support

Your recovery journey doesn’t end once you have left the residential rehabilitation centre. As you navigate life in your usual environment, you will receive aftercare and support for up to 12 months.

As well as free 24/7 advice and support from a helpline, you will attend regular check-ups with a team member from your rehab centre who will be able to assess your progress.

How long does alcohol rehab take?

On average, a full detoxification and intensive treatment programme at an alcohol rehab takes up to 28 days. This is usually the recommended duration for those with an alcohol addiction.

For individuals suffering with a severe alcohol addiction, alcohol rehab programmes can last between 60 and 90 days to provide the maximum chance of recovery during rehabilitation.

How much does alcohol rehab cost?

The cost of alcohol rehab depends first and foremost, your chosen rehabilitation provider, as well as the duration of stay and the type of treatment programmes you choose.

Some rehabilitation centres have set packages which provide fixed prices to choose, however some rehabilitation centres provide tailored packages which enables people to choose the types of treatments that they receive.

How can I apply for alcohol rehab?

We make applying for rehab easy and stress-free for you with our free advice and referral service.

By calling us on our helpline, we can answer any questions you may have about rehabilitation and provide you with some of the leading rehabilitation centres that are in your area.